A group of services, people and industries to spin the web of technologies for wide array of activities under one roof, mostly related with healthcare but also some in wider scope related to capital and human development. Deimpex is working under D.E. Impex Sdn Bhd.

DE Impex a company formed to meet the needs and requirements of today's sensitive health care market. To ensure that the needs of the medical profession and health care industry are met to the strictest standards and qualities. DE Impex has roped in specialists of the similar industry on the board to run day to day operation.

These personnel will be solely responsible for the crucial quality control of the products made and delivered to the health care industry.

Apart from doing current supply of products needed by the industry, these personnel with their specialized professional background will contribute time and energy to create substitute products and will further work to enhance the products, thus improving the quality products and ensuring their favourable use by the healthcare industry.

In addition of creating new products, cost of production, competitiveness and protection of environment will be high on the agenda of these professionals.

We are finalizing the best deals at the best choices. Have custom made the trade, like none other has done it before. Our excellent services are a record of our business acumen. DE Impex is a mixture of experience and entrepreneurship.

Our Philosophy

Deimpex, opted to find solutions for healthcare by putting patients first, our all business philosophy revolves around this notion. We have chosen to find ways and means to make it possible that healthcare remains sustainable by help of technology; it is accessible and well within reach of everybody. Healthcare providers, may it be governments, organizations, hospitals, clinics or individual practitioners, they all shall keep technologies at fore front, and we help them to keep pace with technologies. And in doing so we have opted, non conventional ways to accomplish our goals of providing health for all at the convenience of all, payers and providers.

We at Deimpex believe in the business run with technology, centered around patient to give edge to provider, to cut cost and save time and resources. We work hard to find new areas of improvements and blend them with the technologies, and give a patient centered approach. We believe how strong institutions or individuals grow; the center of attraction remains the patient, to provide them eases, and comfort, best suited to individual DEZIRE.


YB Dato Haji Abdul Hanif Bin Abdullah:

A renowned international businessman with an experience of 35 years in vast field of trade and manufacturing. Have multiple mega projects under his belt, from skyscrapers businesses and housing buildings to residential city projects.


Our motives are to achieve and maintain consistently high standards of product quality and customer satisfaction.

We are dedicatedly Committed to a strong code of company vide professional ethics and to prove model of good corporate citizenship.

Excel at being the preferred dealers to our markets.

Growth through opportunities based on our strength and core competencies.

Attract to develop and retain a diverse group of high calibre companies who honour their commitments.

We are dedicatedly committed to operate as to protect the standards of environment friendly regulations.